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Sights of Senta

Town Hall

On April 16th, 1911, the old Town Hall and the Saint Stephen’s church in the town square were heavily damaged in a fire. After the economic and professional evaluation of the statics of the structure, the building commission came to the conclusion that the building had been damaged beyond repair. Therefore, the Town Assembly of the time decided on holding a contest for building a new, modern Town Hall.

The Fire Station

Built between 1903 and 1904 following the plans of Béla Lajta (Leitersdorfer). The barracks are a masterpiece mixture of folk architecture and Hungarian secession, with elaborate and fine design of the ornaments making it one of the most recognizable secession style buildings.

Hotel Royal

It was built in 1911 following the plans of Ede Magyar and was considered as one of the most modern structures of its time.

Small Synagogue

The synagogue was built in 1928–29 and served the local Orthodox, Hasidic community. The facility was called the ‘small Synagogue’ as the town also had a larger synagogue, built in 1873 for the Neolog community, but demolished in 1957.
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