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“Royal” Hotel is located in the very center of the town opposite the central park and in the vicinity of the river Tisa.

Ede Magyar, a Hungarian architect from Szeged, is to be thanked for the hotel’s spectacular architecture, which bears modern characteristics along with some features of the secession style.
In 1985 it was officially declared a historic building by The Institution for the Preservation of Historic Buildings in Subotica. Jozsef Acs (1914-1990) and Jozsef Benes (1930- ) are considered to be the painters of the painting exhibited on the wall next to the reception area, which depicts a world’s biological rarity, the flower of the Tisa (210x540).

On the walls of the restaurant there are paintings depicting the battle of Senta which took place in 1697.


The hotel has four up-to-date furnished apartments, as well as 16 single rooms and 7 double rooms. Most of the rooms overview the park and the main square.In the renovated part of the hotel each room is ensuite, has an internet connection and a telephone line, as well as cable television.The hotel has its own car park and is equipped with air-conditioning. In a heating season it is heated by central heating from the local plant.


The hotel restaurant has the capacity of 110 seats and offers a rich choice of Serbian and Hungarian national dishes as well as of different home and imported beverages.

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