Rent a Bike

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Pharmacie "Elixir plus"

Telephon: +381/(0)24/817-794
Adress: Main Square 3.


Pharmacie "Lek digitals"

Telephon: +381/(0)24/817-817
Adress: Adai Str. 2.


Pharmacie "Lekofarm"

Telephon: +381/(0)24/811-299
Adress: Zoran Đindić sétány 17.


Pharmacie "Pax"

Telephon: +381/(0)24/815-141
Adress: Main Square 6.


Pharmacie "Pharmaco"

Telephon: +381/(0)24/822-210
Adress: Tornyosi Str. 15.


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