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The Memorial Look-out-tower of the Battle of Senta is among the major sights in the town. Visitors can imagine the Battle of Senta with the help of a realistic scale-model of the events (with size of 2x2 meters, and with 2000 miniature figures). There is also a large, detailed historical topographic map, and the outstanding heros’ names are on the wall. In the collection there are period dresses of the soldiers from the time of the battle. A few documents, maps, artistic reproductions and three modern paintings are also exhibited. On the top floor of the tower visitors can see how Senta looked like at the end of the last century. Here we can see the almost 100 years old clockwork. The panoramic view from the tower’s balcony is breathtaking. Visitors can enjoy the scenery from 50 m height, as river Tisa „frames” the picture of this beautiful Pannonian landscape.

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