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Pottery workshop “Forma” is a part of a larger firm by the name of “Panon”. We started our work in 1993. We are specialized in production of hand made ceramics. It doesn't matter which part of the work we are talking about, throwing a pot, designing it, decorating or painting it, each of our employee is a skilled craftsman in his line of work.

We offer almost everything that you can think of as long as it is made of clay. These are workings of a craft which is slowly dying out. By respecting and admiring the work of the old masters, we decided that our ceramics will be made entirely by hand. Our products are made on the pottery wheel of the finest clay. Later, we put decoration and drawings by hand. Our company creates pots which are used daily in our lives and that is why we mainly use non lead glazes.

Every movement of our employees creates something beautiful and unique at the same time. What we create is a unique pot. There can be similar ones but never quite the same. Skills of our craftsmen can be seen all over the object, but it would be soulless if there weren't for the love by which each of our products, decorations or painting is made. Each hand move of the master, each stroke of the brush is seen on the object. Some of our work can be seen on this site. But as you know, in time, like all craftsmen we tend to progress...

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