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There are many great figures, who were born in Senta and left their fingerprints on our lives, like Stefan Bugarski (1868-1941), doctor of philosophy, chemist, professor, Fekete (Schwarcz) Mihály (1886-1957), professor, mathematician, Dudás Gyula (1861-1911) historian, teacher, publicist, Jovan Đorđević (1826-1900) writer, founder of the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad and in Belgrade, writer of the national anthem of the Serb Republic, Jovan Muškatirović (1743-1809) educator, writer and Stevan Sremac (1855-1906) writer, academician and Thurzó Lajos (1915-1950) poet, journalist.

                Stefan Bugarski                            Schwartz Mihály                                Dudás Gyula                                










                Jovan Đorđević                               Stevan Sremac                                  Thurzó Lajos










           Jovan Muškatirović


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